Published September 2020 on Dreame

After a devastating civil war, the world as Liam and Megan know it is completely flipped upside down. New rules and changes make life difficult and scary to navigate. The state lines are erased and communities are put into colonies or hives. Within the hives, the people are divided into fractions. The amount of fractions varies depending on the size and populous of the hive. But one thing remains consistent. There is always a Dynasty fraction (1) of the elite, most rich and powerful, and a Sorrows (end) fraction of the poor and abandoned people.

With some luck, Liam and Megan are placed into the fourth fraction. But their luck quickly runs out when they are reassigned to govern the sorrows. They know its a death sentence. The longest a governor has lived in the Sorrows has been 4 months. Quickly, they learn to adapt and ally with the people against the government that forgot about them. But things are not as simple as they think. They quickly gain targets on their backs for their radical ideas. Will they survive the Sorrows and start a revolution taking down the fraction system? Or will they die quickly like all the other governors that were banished to the Sorrows?